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Vinelab’s mission, from its inception, is to take advantage and set order out of the chaos brought by the new technological revolution to the media and entertainment industries. Vinelab horned its skillset and built a solid understanding of what the MENA audiences want by working with leading entertainment powerhouses and celebrities on digital products built to engage millions of consumers.

In 2015, Vinelab pivoted into becoming a full stack media company, backed with data and technology, and built strong relationships with brands to help them access captive social audiences effectively through nodes of influential figures. Social Media, being people platforms by design, has proven that authenticity and trust forms among people communities and brands can take advantage by strengthening that trust.

Vinelab has built a sophisticated offering to enable brands to communicate authentically through nodes of people influence and acquire consumers effectively.

  • 2010

    Boutique Digital Agency for the Entertainment industry
    Celebs, Record labels, Broadcasters.
  • 2013

    Digital Partner for traditional TV format owners
    Endemol, JWT Entertainment
  • 2015

    Full stack media company
    Delivering captive audience to brands



In an era of distrust and cynicism for the old ways, the balance of power between consumers, brands and pop culture elite is quickly shifting beyond expectation from hierarchies to networks. 
The emergence of social media, powered by the energy of the people, backed by AI-powered technologies and validated by troves of constantly updated data, has shifted the foundation of media and communications.
These social platforms brought the need for brands to adapt the language and the methods they adopt to communicate with consumers into a language that is leveled, transparent, authentic and value-driven, channeled through a trusted people medium.
The convergence of art, media and public relations, caused by the rise of the social platforms, has brought the need for technological innovations that enable the transition for the craft as well as realising synergies with the new active and intelligent consumers.
At Vinelab, we are committed to making this shift for the brands and ensuring effective consumer delivery in the process. Our strategy is inspired by the role technology is playing in the democratization of content, powered by networks, and elevated by cultural elite. Our philosophy is the mirror – enabling a transparent, efficient and reflective form of communication.


The only propaganda which will ever tend to weaken itself as the world becomes more sophisticated and intelligent, is propaganda that is untrue or unsocial.

Edward L. Bernays, 1928